Strange reality: Comedy Central’s ‘Kroll Show’ enters its final season

Kroll and company understand the rhythms and beats of the world they’re lampooning in a way that can only come from people who have fully immersed themselves in the material. For as trashy as reality TV is, “Kroll Show” acknowledges that we all still kind of love it — if only because it makes our lives look better by comparison.

A stand-up gal: ‘Obvious Child’ mixes emotion and humor to make a rom-com worth watching

By JIM SABATASO | STAFF The most controversial thing about Obvious Child is how uncontroversial it is. The new comedy by first-time director Gillian Robespierre stars Jenny Slate as Donna, a struggling Brooklyn standup comic, who, after a boozy one-night stand, discovers she’s pregnant and decides to get an abortion. That wasn’t a spoiler. While the…