Much ado about nothing: ‘Seinfeld’ comes to Hulu

When Seinfeld premiered in July of 1989, critics and audiences didn’t quite know what to make of it. Everything about it ran counter to what traditional sitcoms looked like up to that point. The characters were self-absorbed and petty. The tone was often cold and mean spirited. Episodes featured mundane stories with low-stakes conflict. It was also funny and smarter than just about anything on TV at the time.

New app renders decades of sock jokes useless

By JIM SABATASO | STAFF Say hello to BlackSocks, the socks with an RFID chip that ensures you’ll never have to worry about mismatching your pairs of identical black socks again. The app, which we swear to god is a real thing, starts at $189 and also boasts such nifty features as keeping track of how many…