Back to camp: ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ is everything it’s supposed to be

Revisiting beloved films and series is always risky. Fortunately, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp succeeds, by remaining faithful to the film without excessively retreading old jokes.

Bad friends: ‘Difficult People’ is ‘Seinfeld’ for the social media age

On the surface, Difficult People might look like another showbiz insider sitcom full of shrill, self-absorbed jerks, but it succeeds thanks to whip-smart writing and a fast pace that flows as smoothly as the invective spewing from the characters’ mouths.

Recreational chemistry: Saying farewell to ‘Parks and Recreation’

As I watched the recent finale, I tried to think of another comedy that has managed to evoke such emotion in me. Parks was always able to hit me in the gut like no other. The Harvest Festival, the city council election, the Unity Concert, Leslie and Ben — each one of these storylines were carefully built toward and executed with precision. And they all stuck their lan