Taking the stage: Stephen Colbert arrives at ‘The Late Show’

It’s difficult, even unfair, to pass judgment on a show like this so early into its run. But given his track record and talent, I have every reason to believe Colbert will succeed, and likely even best his competition.

Social media changes the landscape of late-night television

Over the last decade, social media has had a profound influence on how these shows engage audiences and share content. In a world where viral videos now dominate water cooler conversations, late-night shows must compete for attention with the entirety of the Internet.

Debate team: Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’ has something to say

The Nightly Show allows Wilmore to dig deeper into these issues while also expanding his scope beyond just race. Each episode focuses on a single topic. An introductory segment is followed by a panel discussion featuring a mix of comedians and experts representing opposing sides of the issue. The format will be familiar to fans of Real Time with Bill Maher, though without the alienating smugness that often makes Maher so difficult to stomach.