Periscope, Meerkat let users broadcast to the world

Periscope and Meerkat represent the next stage of personal live streaming, putting the ability to broadcast right in the hand of anyone with a smartphone. That’s a lot of power, and like the broader Internet, content on Periscope and Meerkat runs the gamut from fascinating to banal.


Social media changes the landscape of late-night television

Over the last decade, social media has had a profound influence on how these shows engage audiences and share content. In a world where viral videos now dominate water cooler conversations, late-night shows must compete for attention with the entirety of the Internet.

Daily Clicks — May 28, 2014

Editor’s note: We’re hitting the road so Daily Clicks will be on hiatus until next week.  • Slate writer Phil Plait discusses how #NotAllMen has distracted from the bigger issue of violence against and the everyday oppression of women ( What made that harder was coming to an understanding that I will never truly understand what…