Tech support: ‘Mr. Robot’ is a paranoid thriller

A couple weeks back, I talked about my quest to find a summer TV fling. As you’ll recall, I was discouraged. The Whispers was too dumb to be enjoyable. Wayward Pines, while sufficiently ridiculous, failed to do anything interesting with all its weirdness. And the less said about this season of True Detective the better. Then I found Mr. Robot, an unexpected delight from the USA network of all places.

Name that town: Rejected portmantowns

By JIM SABATASO | STAFF A portmanteau is a word created by combining of two or more other words together to create a new one. Think smog (smoke/fog), spork (spoon/fork), turducken (turkey/duck/chicken/dark magic). Sometimes, towns are named this way — Texarkana, TX (and Arkansas), Kanardo, KS. But not all portmantowns (© 2014, are winners. Here…