Name that town: Rejected portmantowns



A portmanteau is a word created by combining of two or more other words together to create a new one. Think smog (smoke/fog), spork (spoon/fork), turducken (turkey/duck/chicken/dark magic). Sometimes, towns are named this way — Texarkana, TX (and Arkansas), Kanardo, KS. But not all portmantowns (© 2014, are winners. Here are some passed over town names along with the reason they were rejected.

  • Tennesucky — Too depressing.
  • Minneindiana — Too hard to find.
  • Texylvania — Name of an upcoming Showtime series about vampire cowboys in the Old West, co-produced by David Milch and Amy Sherman-Palladino.
  • Oralasota — Not as fun as it sounds.
  • Rhodakota — Valerie Harper objected.
  • Wyomlahoma — Rival high school kept calling them “Wyomohomos.”
  • Vermaine — Already exists; commonly referred to as New Hampshire.
  • Ohiowa — The sound a samurai makes while orgasming.
  • Virginmaryland — Too catholic.
  • Wiscowashawalachussets — Inscrutable.