Daily Clicks — April 29, 2014

4a47a0db6e60853dedfcfdf08a5ca249Craig Ferguson has announced that he and CBS are “consciously uncoupling at the end of 2014. The future of the host of CBS’ Late Late Show has been in question since the network announced Stephen Colbert would take over for David Letterman at 11:30. Ferguson’s departure leaves an opportunity for the Tiffany Network to to fill the slot with one of the many talented white men who are so often passed over for late-night hosting gigs. Or, maybe, this guy? (deadline.com)

Airbnb, Uber has governments and traditional businesses running scared. (slate.com)

Marvel to kill off Wolverine this fall. But fear not, another Wolvie film is in the works so he’ll likely be back by next year. (avclub.com)

Joss Whedon’s new feature-length film is now available on Vimeo. In You Eyes is a metaphysical love story starring Michael Stahl-David) and Zoe Kazan. (inyoureyesmovie.com)