Daily Clicks — May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou

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• Slate writer Phil Plait discusses how #NotAllMen has distracted from the bigger issue of violence against and the everyday oppression of women (slate.com)

What made that harder was coming to an understanding that I will never truly understand what women go through. I can’t. So I listen to what women say about it, try to understand as best I can, and try to modify my own behavior as needed to make things better.

• TV critic Todd VanDerWerff reflects on #NotAllMen/#YesAllWomen and the responsibility men have to speak out against misogyny and sexism. (vanderwha.tumblr.com)

I’m saying that your responsibility—and mine—is to create a world where the women around us feel safer and safer with every passing day. And we do that by speaking up when a buddy talks about the “friend zone” or how he’s a “nice guy” or anything else that seems innocuous but is really, really pernicious.

• A young man goes down the rabbit hole on 4chan to discover world of riddles, puzzles and the dark heart of the Internet. (mentalfloss.com)

• VIDEO: Poet and activist Maya Angelou dies at the age of 86 (npr.org)