Pimper’s Paradise: Selling Bob Marley

marley cover


For some time, Bob Marley’s estate has been making his image available for commercial use. That latest venture is Marley’s Mellow Mood natural relaxation drinks. Here’s a taste from the product’s site:

Mellow Mood has got me, so let the music rock me. Bob’s lyrics speak for themselves when describing Marley’s Mellow Mood natural relaxation drinks. Created with a unique blend of natural herbs that help relax the mind, body, and soul, our products have quickly earned the reputation of not only being the best tasting and best working relaxation drinks on the market, but also great tasting beverages for any occasion. With four delicious ice teas and three lightly carbonated sodas, we feel, like Bob, it’s nothing but love, sweet love, darlin’. Visit your local fine retailer today and try an ice cold Marley’s Mellow Mood. We know you won’t be disappointed. One Love!

Many fans have decried this sort of craven commercialism as blasphemous and contrary the musician and activist’s spirit, but we here at the TPC have already located some potential clients. (Our apologies in advance to Mr. Marley.)

Marley Brand Stir-it-up yogurt copy

Marley Eye n Eye Contact solution copy

Marley Brand Exodus Lax copy

Photo of Bob Marley