Caitlin Canty turns up the volume with Reckless Skyline

As Caitlin Canty unwinds over a glass of wine recently, she is calm, engaging, and eminently present. Being back home in Vermont has given her a brief respite from the frenetic schedule she’s been living since she began recording Reckless Skyline back in the fall of 2013.


Daily Clicks — May 26, 2014

• Wait, you mean jackalopes aren’t real?! Damn you, Dave Coulier! ( • If this past weekend’s release of X-Men: Days of Future Past left you scratching your head, here’s a detailed history of the classic 1981 comic book story on which the film is based. Spoiler alert: It’s way better than the movie. ( • $2 bills are are…

Daily Clicks — May 19, 2014

• Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself is an hand-lettered and -illustrated representation of the Whitman’s celebrated 1855 masterpiece by designer Allen Crawford. ( • A new study reveals Millennials’ uncomfortable relationship with racism. ( From these results, it’s clear that—like most Americans—millennials see racism as a matter of different treatment, justified by race, that you solve by…