Daily Clicks — June 4, 2014

black-pantherT’Challa T’Challa bill, y’all! Who’s the richest superhero? Hint: It’s not Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. (Not to nitpick, but Magneto hasn’t governed Genosha since Professor X’s psychic twin decimated the island with a Sentinel attack in New X-Men #114. And while we’re at it, the Black Panther is not currently the ruling monarch of Wakanda; his sister is. Also, Professor X is dead. Sheesh!) (buddyloans.com)

• Randall Balmer examines the true origins of the religious right’s rise to prominence in American politics. (politico.com)

And the catalyst for their political activism was not, as often claimed, opposition to abortion. Although abortion had emerged as a rallying cry by 1980, the real roots of the religious right lie not the defense of a fetus but in the defense of racial segregation.

• Read the final installment in Questlove’s essay series on the state of hip-hop culture. (vulture.com)

When we resist cultural acts that directly address the complexity of the human condition, both intellectually and emotionally, we reduce ourselves.

• AUDIO: A new book by Ammon Shea discusses how traditional word usage has softened over the years. (npr.org)