Daily Clicks — May 2, 2014


Louis CK

Louis CK

• Hey, Wall Street, Twitter’s not dead — you just don’t get it. Will Oremus explains why Twitter is more like YouTube than Facebook. “Twitter is not a social network. … It’s better described as a social media platform, with the emphasis on ‘media platform.’ And media platforms should not be judged by the same metrics as social networks. (slate.com)

• Case in point: Louis CK slams the Common Core on Twitter. (salon.com)

• Capital in the Twenty-First Century by “rock-star economist” Thomas Piketty is the hot, new book that everybody is pretending they read this year. Despite being a wonky, 700-page treatise on economics that warns of a new Gilded Age, it’s a bestseller on every list that matters. We didn’t read it, but we did check out some of the popular criticism floating around. This week, columnists Paul Krugman and David Brooks sounded off on the New York Times op-ed page. Krugman offered up a decent summation of the book while Brooks defended the oligarchy. Slate’s Culture Gabfest, meanwhile, split the difference with a solid discussion all around.

• VIDEO: The Felice Brothers, “Honda Civic.” Not particularly new, but still a fun song. Happy Friday. (thefelicebrothers.com)