Daily Clicks — May 9, 2014


• A thread on Reddit has been having fun pitching honest slogans for companies. It’s not particularly novel — and a lot are too obvious — but there are some decent ones in there. (elephantjournal.com)

Now the depressing stuff…

• Surprise! Facebook is reading your private messages. But don’t worry, it’s all cool, says Sheryl Sandberg, FB’s chief operations officer: “Our goal is that every time you open News Feed, every time you look at Facebook, you see something, whether it’s from consumers or whether it’s from marketers, that really delights you, that you are genuinely happy to see.” I haven’t been delighted by something on Facebook since I discovered how to block Bitstrips. (thinkprogress.org)

• Mother Jones breaks down the recent National Climate Assessment in a series of depressing charts depicting how climate change will affect our food systems. The short version: We’re screwed. (motherjones.com)

VIDEO: Happy Friday. Here’s a cat running into a door. (BuzzFeed)