Daily Clicks — June 3, 2014


• The seven-day work week is so 20th century. Let’s get rid of it. (slate.com)

Today, advances in automation, computation, and telecommunications have routinized the large-scale coordination problems that challenged America’s 20th-century economy. The knowledge economy runs differently, and there is no longer such an overwhelming imperative for large numbers of people and goods to come together at the same place at the right times, or for those times to remain uniform across an entire society.

• Has the single-camera format killed conflict in sitcoms? (avclub.com)

• Friends and Silicon Valley co-stars Thomas Middleditch and TJ Miller interview each other on comedy, the show’s success, and tapioca pudding. (vulture.com)

• VIDEO: Staying on the sitcom theme: A supercut of sitcom catchphrases.