Revelations in Ken Burns’ new ‘The Roosevelts’ documentary — Teddy edition

gty_theodore_roosevelt_ll_120213_wmainBy TPC STAFF

Teddy’s famous exclamation of “bully!” was originally “wooly bully!” The story was later immortalized in the 1965 song of the same name by Sam Sham & The Pharaohs.

Teddy originally created the national parks so he could hunt his political enemies for sport.

The Rough Riders started out as a badminton club.

After both his wife and mother died on Feb. 14, 1884, Teddy would forever make it a point to one-up anyone who complained about Valentine’s Day.

Contrary to popular belief, Teddy neither spoke softly nor carried a stick — big or otherwise.

While prevented by President Wilson from fighting in WWI, Teddy issued a series of letters in which a viciously taunted the Kaiser, and repeatedly called his manhood into question.

In gay culture, hairy men who support progressive corporate reform are called “teddy bears.”